ABU Inter-Faculty / Inter-University Transfer Applications

This portal handles ABU's transfer applications in three respects:

  1. Transfer from one faculty to another within ABU Zaria
  2. Transfer from other institutions of higher learning to ABU Zaria
  3. Special Admissions into 300 level

All transfer application forms cost ₦2,500.00 (Two Thousand and Five Hundred Naira) only.

To increase your chances of being considered for any of the above, please spare a few minutes to read our current guidelines below before you apply. You can also download the guidelines as pdf.

Inter-University Transfer, Inter-Faculty Transfer & Special Admission Guidelines

A: Inter-University Transfer

  1. Transfer from State and Federal Universities to ABU Zaria is allowed subject to vacancy.
  2. Transfer from Private Universities to ABU Zaria may not be allowed.
  3. The minimum CGPA for inter-university transfer is 2.40.
  4. Transfer is only allowed into 200 level and above.
  5. Inter-University transfer will NOT involve change of course.
  6. Candidates expelled or withdrawn from other universities are NOT acceptable for transfer.
  7. Candidates must satisfy the University minimum entry requirements for admission.

B: Inter-Faculty Transfer

  1. Transfer from Professional to non-Professional programme is allowed.
  2. Transfer from non-Professional to Professional programme is NOT allowed.
  3. Withdrawn candidates on poor academic standing are allowed to benefit from such transfer.
  4. Transfer from Science to Arts programme and vice versa is NOT allowed.
  5. The minimum CGPA for inter-university transfer is 1.50.
  6. Candidates must satisfy the University minimum entry requirements for admission.
  7. Intra-Faculty transfers are allowed.

C: Special Admission

  1. Special admission is subject to availability of space in the discipline.
  2. Candidates for Public Administration must obtain Upper Credit at HND/ADPA or a minimum of Lower Credit (Merit) with 2 year post graduation waiting period.
  3. Candidates with first degree are NOT qualified for special admission.
  4. Only candidates from the Catchment Areas of the University are considered for special admission.
  5. Special admission is allowed only into 300 level.

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